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RE: Several Orientations Solar Edge


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I am attempting to simulate a project where we have an East, West and South orientation on a Solar Edge inverter.

I am having difficulty in asking the programme to simulate the project.

I am using the "several orientations" function but I am not sure whether the function is capable of simulating a project with one inverter and several orientations?

I get as far as entering the different number of modules for each orientation but the programme automatically duplicates the module value to all of the orientations.

This leads me to assume that the programme will not allow you to enter different amounts of modules for design reasons.

If this is the case then is there another way of simulating my project?

Many thanks,


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For the SolarEdge architecture, when you want to connect different strings to the same inverter, you have to use the option 'Use fractional inputs'.

In this way you can define different number of modules for each sub-array, but you should make sure, that you assign an adapted number of modules to each fraction of the inverter.

In your case, you could define for example a fraction of 0.3 for East and West and 0.4 for South and assign a matching number of modules to each.

The screenshot shows how the the system definition in the report could look like.


SolarEdge Inverter with three different orientations

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I am facing a problem simulating following configuration with PVsyst:

Inverter: Solar Egdge SE16k

String 1: 38 Modules (north-west)

String 2: 26 modules (south east) + 9 modules (north east)

I created 3 subarrays with the 3 different orientations and the relevant fractional input of the inverter but PVsyst does not allow me to simulate because it says "9 modules" is below the minimum string length. How can I define "string 2" with 2 different module orientations??

Regards, Stefan

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Sorry, this is not possible in PVsyst: you can only define different orientations for full strings.

This is suited for "normal" strings, where current mismatch may be catastrophic.

Although such a configuration could be used with the SolarEdge optimizers, it is not implemented in PVsyst in the present time.

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Dear André,

thanks for your quick feedback. I am designing quite a few installations with Solar Edge and would appreciate if this functionality could be implemented very soon. In the meantime I was thinking to use the mixed oriantation (mixed #1 and #2) tab to be able to simulate the system but I am not sure what the software is actually doing when using this function. I guess it assume 50% of the defined capaity being orientation 1 and the other 50% being orientation 2? Could please clarify?

Thanks, Stefan

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