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Shading Orientation Bug


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I have to make an simulation with PVsyst 6 near Dubai latitude 24°

and when i import the plant from Helios to the near shading Construction / Prespective the tables are facing North when they should be facing south 243860425_H2PimportPVsyst6.thumb.png.2a59a02b3d379a36bb9195855748f960.png


and it asks me for an tilt angle of 160º 390954070_TiltPVsyst6.png.93d2f33895ca9c02dc631edbf25433d5.png


If i use the same file on PVsyst 5 it gives me the correct tilt angle 20º south1849639339_H2PimportPVsyst5.thumb.png.68e90e82ddef103c94113d11dbae3090.png


I checked everything on helios is correct and it is ok in PVsyst 5

Is anything i have to take in to account in PVsyst 6?

Can this be fixed?

Thank you for your support

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