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Import meteo PVGIS bug


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Whenever I import from PVGIS Classic into PVsyst, there is always an error for the month of February for global horizontal irradiation compared to the actual value from PVGIS Classic, with PVsyst overstating the value. The import from PVGIS-CMSAF is fine.



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You are right, I have forgotten initializing the Leap-year information when importing PVGIS data.

Therefore the import process uses sometimes 28 and sometimes 29 days for February.

This induces an error of 3.5% on the February data, but less than 0.15% on the yearly sum (for Europe).

By the way the real error when considering a simulation as valid for set of years would be 3/4 of this values, as 1 year over 4 is leap...

This error is random (depending on the last use of this variable in the program), not specific to Classic or SAF data.

It will be corrected for the next issue 5.59 of PVsyst.

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