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How to perform batch simulation


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i am trying to perform batch simulations. I want to keep all the parameters same and change the tilt by 1 Deg from 5 to 40 deg. I have edited parameters to be executed in excel sheet but i am getting error. Can you share a sample excel sheet. If you can share a video which shows how to make change in excel sheet.



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Dear Vikram,

if you would like to vary the plane tilt in the batch simulation, the end in your CSV file should look like the example below.

Please note that the CSV file is an ASCII text file. You are not forced to use Excel, indeed you can youse any ASCII text editor.

If you use Excel or a sophisticated editor like Word, you need to save the file as ASCII text.

In Excel , when you choose 'Save As', you have an option 'CSV file', (wich stands for Copmma Separated Values).

In Word you will have to choose 'Raw text' and remember to keep the .CSV ending of the file.

Best regards,


Table for varying only the tilt in a batch simulation:





SIM_5;5;Tilt 5 ;;

SIM_6;6;Tilt 6 ;;

SIM_7;7;Tilt 7 ;;

SIM_8;8;Tilt 8 ;;

SIM_9;9;Tilt 9 ;;

SIM_10;10;Tilt 10 ;;

SIM_11;11;Tilt 11 ;;

SIM_12;12;Tilt 12 ;;

SIM_13;13;Tilt 13 ;;

SIM_14;14;Tilt 14 ;;

SIM_15;15;Tilt 15 ;;

SIM_16;16;Tilt 16 ;;

SIM_17;17;Tilt 17 ;;

SIM_18;18;Tilt 18 ;;

SIM_19;19;Tilt 19 ;;

SIM_20;20;Tilt 20 ;;

SIM_21;21;Tilt 21 ;;

SIM_22;22;Tilt 22 ;;

SIM_23;23;Tilt 23 ;;

SIM_24;24;Tilt 24 ;;

SIM_25;25;Tilt 25 ;;

SIM_26;26;Tilt 26 ;;

SIM_27;27;Tilt 27 ;;

SIM_28;28;Tilt 28 ;;

SIM_29;29;Tilt 29 ;;

SIM_30;30;Tilt 30 ;;

SIM_31;31;Tilt 31 ;;

SIM_32;32;Tilt 32 ;;

SIM_33;33;Tilt 33 ;;

SIM_34;34;Tilt 34 ;;

SIM_35;35;Tilt 35 ;;

SIM_36;36;Tilt 36 ;;

SIM_37;37;Tilt 37 ;;

SIM_38;38;Tilt 38 ;;

SIM_39;39;Tilt 39 ;;

SIM_40;40;Tilt 40 ;;

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Hi Fahad, I believe he wants to compare few simulations with same parameters just changing the tilt and checking the production for each tilt, at the end he will have a kind of best tilt for a specific DC size project... 

the only issue I see here is that, for different tilt the DC size should change according to the available land!

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