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PV Components not in database


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I am trying to replicate a PVsyst model done by another party for the purposes of optimization. However, some of the components used by the referenced model are not selectable in the drop-down menu in my PVsyst application. In this case, it is the 305W panel for a manufacturer which only shows up to 260W in my application. How can I add this new data for use in PVsyst?

Thank you.

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If the module is not in the database, it can have been defined by the mentioned third-party.

- Either you got the project as PVsyst source (PRJ and VCi files). If the sender has exported the project by "Files" / "Export projects", the PAN file should be in the project's data.

- If not, you don't have any mean of recovering this file. You should redefine this module (PAN file) from Datasheets information, and you are not ensured that the "uncertain" parameters like Rserie and Rshunt are the same.

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