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Multiple PV Modules with our Inverter configuration


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I am trying to figure out a way to use multiple PV modules (Eg: Renesola 250W, Trina 230W, Canadian 300W) to design one site. These panels will be constitute separate strings (Eg: X strings of 20 Trina modules each, Y strings of 18 renesola modules each etcetra)

Our inverter architecture is distributed with Master/Slave functionality and all these modules will be connecting to one island of "X" inverters with 1 master and "X-1" slaves.

Can you please suggest a way to perform the simulation.



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This configuration is not possible with PVsyst. The master/slave functionnality is only useable within one given sub-array.

This limitation is quite understandable: if you connect your inverters in Master/Slave mode, all the PV sub-arrays will be connected together as a same array.

PVsyst (and the best practices of PV) cannot manage heterogeneous arrays, i.e. array with different modules and/or different numbers of modules in series.

Be careful with your strings of 20 Trina and 18 Renesola modules in parallel: the operating voltages will not be the same, you will have a significant mismatch, and you can get double Maximum power points, with the risk that the inverter chooses the lower one.

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