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Network directory speed problem


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Hi PVsyst team,

My organisation uses a network location for the PVsyst6_Data directory, so that we can all access the same projects and database files.

We experience crippling loading times after many simple actions undertaken in PVsyst:

Opening PVsyst

After clicking Load Project

After clicking Site and Meteo

After selecting a Meteo file

Opening module or inverter windows within System

Navigating between system variants


Is there anything we can do to improve the situation? Using local user workspaces is not an option – we are a large design team and need the flexibility/security a network directory provides.

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The choice of a project or a meteo file may become slow when the list is long, i.e a common list of projects shared by many people.

Because each file of the directory has to be open for extracting information for the list. And this is still made worse if the access is through a network.

However this reading is normally done once only for each run of the software.

A solution could be to remove the old projects or meteo files (no more in use), i.e. to store them in an archiving data structure.

In "Files" / "Workspace", you have the opportunity of easily switch to another data structure.

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