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AC ohmic losses


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Might it be possible to add a "Detailed computation" for the AC losses similar to that for the DC?

For example, on a large solar park:

- A x central inverters per external transformer connected by LV cabling per inverter (akin to "string module connections" in DC terms)

- B x MV distribution circuits with C x transformer kiosks ber circuit ("connections to main box")

- Final connection to provider ("main box to inverter")

- Transformer losses specified per transformer and multiplied by number of units

With this, the voltage at each level could be specified so it could also be applied to smaller parks and building connected installations with string inverters and an LV distribution system connected to a single transformer (or no trafo at all!) at the point of connection.

Also, can we have parallel cables as an option for all the sizing calculations? I know the final calculation needs to be done separately to local standards but clients do give you a funny look when your model says 1000mm2 cable (not readily available where we are, compared to 3 x 240mm2 which is off-the-shelf).

I appreciate that the effect is not huge and there are workarounds (e.g. calculate the STC loss fraction manually) but given that it does affect the PR value as used in performance guarantees and O&M contracts it would give clients a lot more comfort to see values more closely representing their system. (It is, also, time consuming at present). It would of course be preferable to have the option to define each circuit separately but I think this is a reasonable compromise that closely follows the existing structures.


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PVsyst is not meant for the full study of the grid organization after the PV system, which may take many different forms (one or several transfos or voltages, etc).

There are probably specialized software for that.

However we wil probably think about this suggestion after our present numerous development priorities.

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