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Directly Enter Value of mugamma or Increase Number of Decimal Places of gPmp


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I am currently running PVsyst Version 6.26.

In order to generate a custom PVsyst .PAN file, electrical performance (I-V curve) measurement data are collected at various temperature and irradiance conditions and used to optimize the PVsyst one-diode model parameters Rs, Rsh, Rsh0, RshExp, and mugamma. I would like to have the option to directly enter the value of mugamma that is solved for instead of having to determine the temperature coefficient of Pmax (truncated to two decimal places) that yields closest modeled temperature dependence to the fitted value of mugamma.

A less desirable option is to extend the allowable number of decimals places of the temperature coefficient of Pmax (gPmp) to beyond two. However, again this requires the user to have to find the correct value of gPmp to input (now up to three or more decimal places) that results in the best match to the fitted value of mugamma. This is already a tedious process for two decimal places and it would be much easier if the user could directly input the fitted value of mugamma per the above paragraph.

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