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How is the database of PVsyst updated?

André Mermoud

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PVsyst provides a database of the main components used in PV systems: PV modules, Inverters, Batteries, Pumps, Controllers, etc.

The database in PVsyst should be considered as a service for the users of the program.

It is also a service provided free of charge to the manufacturers of the components, who can present their products to the potential users.

In providing this service, PVsyst SA tries to stay as neutral as possible, without favoring any manufacturer with respect to another one, and always taking care of providing credible information.

The database is updated with each release of the software, i.e. about every month, integrating the requests made by the manufacturers.

The database contains data provided by the manufacturers, which should be as far as possible consistent with the datasheets. In cases where certain parameters are not available on the datasheets, PVsyst will propose reasonable default values.

The manufacturers have also the possibility to provide values that are missing on the datasheets, through measurements performed by independent third-party companies or institutions. In this case, PVsyst SA will request a copy of the original reports.

PVsyst SA reserves its right to edit or reject data that seem not reasonable according to our experience.

However PVsyst SA cannot be held liable for incorrect data, nor any indirect damage resulting from the use of the database. There may be transcription errors, or the datasheets may have been changed by the manufacturers. When using a component, you are advised to carefully check the data against the most recent datasheets.

Practical information for the manufacturers:

To introduce PV modules and Inverters into the PVsyst Database, you should fill out the EXCEL PV component form with the data of your products, and provide the corresponding datasheets along with it.

The form can be requested from support@pvsyst.com. After the data has been included in the PVsyst database, the form will be returned to the manufacturer with the exact data as present in the database.

The form is organized in columns, and each column header contains information about how to fill out the different fields. You can directly copy and paste the component's data between this EXCEL document and the PVsyst program.

As a general rule, components will never be removed from the database, as they may have been used in previous projects. For each component in the database, the years of introduction to and removal from the market can be specified. Manufacturers are strongly advised to carefully update the date of removal from the market for the obsolete components in the database.

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