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Hourly Values Data Output


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Hi PVsyst,

Thanks again for your help on my previous queries. I had a quick question about data export I was hoping you could help me with.

So far, for obtaining hourly system output values for the year (eg for calculating possible export rates) I've been using Results->Hourly Graphs->Copy Values to clipboard. This method only allows 100 days export at a time, however, and each data section must be entered separately into excel using the text import wizard, then formatted.

I noticed that there's also the option for setting an output file during simulation. However, this requires re-simulation to obtain the file, which will take a long time on projects using 3d models.

Is there any alternative method for obtaining the hourly data? (I'm mainly interested in just the energy output.) I think we will be using this process a lot in the future and so any more efficient method would save a lot of time.

On a further note (perhaps this is a suggestion), multiple variants of the same project also need separately exporting, one by one. It would be incredibly useful to be able to batch export a whole project's data (eg 5, or even 20 variants) into one output file. Is this possible?

Thanks for your time,


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Hi Iain,

currently there is no way to get all the hourly result values from a simulation that has already been run, except for the method you are using.

If you need these results often, I would recommend you to systematically create an ASCII output file, when you run a simulation. You can customize which variables should be written to the output file, and save this as a template to re-use it. PVsyst will not store the output filename for a given variant, so you will have to choose it every time you want to run a simulation and create the ASCII file. We will consider to change this behaviour.

As for the possibility to run all variants of a project in one go, we are reworking and improving the batch simulation feature of PVsyst, and we will see if we can add this possibility. This would be for somewhen end of the year.

Best regards,


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