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MPPT inputs and string configuration


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I cannot for the love of god find out how to use the MPPT feature, despite reading through the forum and trying out the advice in PVsyst 6.022.

My task is planning a power plant, I want to have one array consisting of 4 type SMA sunnyboy 8 kW inverters, each inverter having 1 string of 11 panels type sun power 327 in series. That is it.

Unfortunately, this seems difficult to incorporate.

I first choose the right panel, then the right inverter, then I get lost at the whole MPPT input thing.

Do I really have to choose an inverter with only 1 MPPT input in order to make this task possible?

Do you have any advice on how I actually configure this system in PVsyst?

Sincerely, Martin Andersen

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Which SMA Sunnyboy inverter exactly are you planning to use? The 8kW inverters have an operating voltage range between 300 and 480V. If you string up 11 SunPower 327 modules, you get operating conditions between 500V and 800 V, which is not compatible with these inverters.

Also, using 4 strings of 11 modules would give you a nominal power of 14.4 kW, which is far less than 4 x 8kW on the inverter side.

PVsyst will report errors with these design choices, and not permit a simulation.

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