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What does mean the error "The array Voc is greater than the absolute system voltage... " ?

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The PV module specifications include a VMax parameter, which is the maximum voltage (i.e. array voltage) of the system in which this module will be installed.

As for the inverter, this maximum voltage is the absolute maximum in any conditions, i.e. the Voc under the lower temperature ever measured at this site (see How to adjust the design temperatures ?).

Now this limit is usually different in the US (UL norms) and in the rest of the world (IEC norm).

The US limit is probably due to the general 600 V limit for the class of usual electric systems.

If you are in US and the module has an IEC limit of 1000 V, you can change this criteria in the project's definition parameters, button "Albedo and settings".

However you have the risk to be not compliant with the US regulation.

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