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Peak 15 Minutes of KW output per month


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I am trying to model the peak 15 minute load output per month for a 1 MW system in Utah. How would i go about doing this? The compensation structure in utah is a demand and usage payment for large (1-3 MW) installations. I wasn't able to produce accurate simulations on SAM, any suggestions?
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You cannot identify peak values over 15 minutes interval, as PVsyst only performs simulations on 1-hour time step data.

However an indirect way would be to identify the peak irradiance in your original 15-minute meteo data.

As the output of a PV system (without Power limitation) is very linear with the input irradiance, you can calculate the ratio E_Grid/GlobInc for a similar hour in your hourly data, and appliy this ratio to the 15-minutes peak irradiance.

NB: you can get a table of the maximum hourly values for each month and each hour of the day in the results "Tables" / "E_Grid hourly averages". Here you can choose Maximums instead of averages.

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