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Detailed shading table

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Hello there.

I'll briefly describe my problem. I want to optimize the location of a meteo station on a roof of a complex building. I designed my 3D scene and use a 1x1m PV active area to "simulate" the area of my meteo station.

I don't need simulations of energy yield, but only about shading. The idea is to reduce at minimum the hours/year that the meteo station will be shaded.

Now, PVsyst can simulate the position and the shading for any day of the year or any height/azimuth values. On the other hand, the shading table is not "refined" enough, i.e. I have strong shading at height 15 and azimuth 80-90 but the coefficient of the table are zero.

Is there a way to choose which values should be present in the shading table? Every single value for Azimuth and Height would be nice... I need just to have this data in some format on a file, I don't need fancy visualizations interfaces...

is there a way to know for how many hours the shade is present?

Another question, is it possible to run a batch simulation where the location of the PV active area is changing?


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There is no tool in PVsyst for getting the "average" shades at each position of an area.

However in you case, you can run the simulation, with the "Slow" option (calculation of the shading factor at each step, without using the table), and produce a CSV file with the Hourly values of the height and azimuth of the sun, and the shading factor.

The hourly Shading factor will give you the number of hours with shadings.

In the batch simulations, the only parameters of the 3D scene which may be changed are the pitch between rows and the plane tilt.

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