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Curve Roof Approximation


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I am currently in the process of building a simulation for a curved roof.

In order to approximate the roof accurately, I have split it into arrays for every 1°. This gives 20 arrays in total so I must run three different simulations in order to capture the entire roof as PVsyst only allows up to 8 orientations per simulation.

I have split the model into three in the following manner:

- Model 1 - 8 orientations

- Model 2 - 8 orientations

- Model 3 - 4 orientations

However, whichever model I load into the 3D scene it states that I have one less orientation than is actually present (i.e. Model 1 reports 7 orientations, etc.). This means I'm not able to size the electrical system or layout the modules. Is there any workaround that you are aware of or anything you can recommend I try?

FYI, this problem is intermittent. It occasionally works but usually does not and there is no clear determining factor as to why.

Many thanks.

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For some of the crosschecks in PVsyst, two angles are considered to be the same, if they differ by 1° or less.

For projects with multiple orientations that have small differences (<= 1°) between each other, this may lead to inconsistent behaviour, when Tilt and Azimuth are matched between the 'Orientation' dialog and the 3D scene.

The problem is being adressed and a solution is envisaged for one of the next releases.

To work around the problem, sub-arrays with tilt or azimuth differences equal or smaller than 1°, should be gathered in one single sub-array with the same average orientation.

Note, that in the 3D scene, fractional angles will be rounded to integer values for displaying and crosschecking. Internally the fractional values are conserved.

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