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Standalone Presizing Maintenance costs


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I would like to know how exactly the maintenance costs are calculated in PVsyst.

First, what is the lifetime of the battery and regulators used?

Secondly, is the same maintenance specific cost for grid connected system i.e. 80Euro/kW used for stand alone as it seems there is no special value for stand alone systems

and if yes which scale exponential factor is used in this case, that of grid connected (default 0.8) or stand alone (default 0.7)

I tried to manually calculate the maintenance costs assuming battery and regulator lifetime to be 5 years but still get significantly lower value than that calculated by PVsyst?

Thank you


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The lifetime of the batteries is split into two contributions:

- a "static" ageing (specified in the battery's component definition). For lead-acid batteries, this is very dependent on the battery temperature: an increase of the temperature results in halving the lifetime.

- an ageing according to the number of cycles: this is continuously calculated by the detailed simulation process.

The wearing state is a result of the simulation.

The economic evaluation doesn't take a controller lifetime into account.

The economic evaluation of Stand-alone systems evaluates the maintenance cost as the fourth of the battery price (i.e. a lifetime of 4 years), without any other contribution. This is a very simplified assumption.

However in the presizing part, please take these costs with great care: it is quite impossible to give a serious information about the prices in the framework of such simplified simulation and assumptions. The costs are depending on many factors, and specific to each situation (country, time, etc).

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