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Module Layout - Apply to all Tables/Sheds


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I'm trying to apply the same spacing and orientation to all identical tables in the Module Layout section. However, it does not work and the help file does not provide sufficient detail for me to troubleshoot.

Placing all of the modules table by table would take hours. Whereas, if this worked, there are only 3 table types to configure.

My current process is as follows:

1. Open module layout.

2. Select the spacing parameters.

3. Press 'All'

4. Select the orientation and filling parameters.

5. Press 'Set all modules' (I have also tried 'Set modules' and then 'Set all modules' but neither work)

Sometimes, after pressing 'Set all modules' the number of unassigned modules actually increases!

Is there something I'm doing wrong or is the program not functioning correctly?


Module Layout Screenshot


Near Shadings Screenhot

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