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Temperature input accuracy


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I am trying to recreate a simulation by others for a client as closely as possible (so he can compare alternative designs).

When entering temperatures manually to a new site, they are automatically rounded to 1 decimal place, but generated temperatures are to 2dp's. Is there a way to manually enter the data to this level of accuracy? I have tried importing from Excel using the Tabular I/O tool, but that rounds as well.



PS - I am runnning v6.22

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A better accuracy in the monthly values of temperature is not really meaningfull.

These Monthly values are not used as such in the simulation. They are the basis for a synthetic generation of hourly values. This process is completely random: with 2 different executions you can have completely different sequences of days and hours within the month. Therefore you will never be able to strictly compare simulations for a same system based on different synthetic meteo data files.

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