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Module Layout - Shadings 3D: " Floating point division by zero"

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In the "Module Layout" section, tab "shadings 3D", when I perform the shading calculations for the 3D scene and then go to the "IV Curve" tab, I get the error message: " Floating point division by zero" and consequently cannot see the IV curves which is my intention.

The 3D scene consists in a roof with a metal deck profile on whose 3 pan areas has been placed a multi-rectangular field. The error message only appears when the 3D scene is tilted and the shading factors table contains numbers in blue (behind the plane). When I set the PV collectors (and the shading scene) back to a tilt = 0 deg, the IV curves are calculated nicely.

I would really really appreciate your help/advice if there is any way I can work this out to get the IV curves of this scene at different tilt angles.

Thanks in advance!


Metal deck roof with 3 rectangular PV fields 3 mm above


error message

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The error happens, when displaying IV-curves in rather extreme conditions at the beginning or the ending of summer days.

To work around this, proceed as follows:

1. In 'Module Layout', in the Tab 'Shadings 3D' click on 'Calculate'

2. Once the calculation is finished, and before(!) moving to the tab 'IV curve', drag the time slider to somewhere around noon.

3. Switch to the tab 'IV curve'. You can change the time, but avoid the last and first time slots of the day.

Note, that if you go too far with the slider, and the error happens, you will have to restart PVsyst to get again useful IV-curves.

We will try to fix the bug for the next PVsyst release (V6.23)

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