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Importing ASCII Data


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Hello PVsyst and Users,

I'm having an unusual issue when importing ASCII meteo data. I successfully import the data, I can see the file located in PVsyst/Data/Meteo but when I attempt to use the data in a simulation, the data disappears, I can actually watch it get deleted from the computer in the Meteo folder. If the site is a new without weather data and I select the site the initially created .MET file is deleted and replaced with the synthetic one. I've tried importing in a number of ways, existing site, new site, modifying an existing site or not, but the result is the same.

Is this a known issue?

I am able to import this in PVsyst V6 without any trouble and I have successfully imported data previously in V5 and not seen this issue. I have recently changed computers and am now using Windows 8. Could this be related to that change?

Thanks in advance for any help.



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Was there a resolution to this problem?

I am having the same problem... Importing the ASCII file was successful, but when I try to use the site/meteo file it always reverts back to a synthetic file.

I just wanted to use PVsyst to convert some 5-minute horizontal data to POA data. Is there any other way I can do this?

Many thanks,


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I import the actual measured data in to PV syst in ASCII format after conversion the values i get for the particular date is different than the actual measured values can you please tel me why is so?

And what is error men your time shifted by 81 minutes? and waht is Record time lable?

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Please have a look on the help :

"Meteorological data > Hourly Meteorological data > Hourly meteo data quality check" and " ... > Time shift"

The dates are normally read on the file (in a specified format - pay attention to the formatting: MM/DD/YY in the US, DD/MM/YY almost everywhere else).

But if you have a TMY file (with diferent periods), you cannot read these dates and you have to choose "Generic year".

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I completely agree with you I put the right file and it work also but only its showing the error of time shift by 81 minutes at the end even the metero file is created with the error. But i did not find the answer for the error and how its affect my metero file. Please reply
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