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Near Shading [Shadings] Orientations


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I need to know something about the Near Sahdings Orientations

When i import something from helios3d for exemple i have a specific orientation, but because of the terrain slops we get an diferent orientation in the "Shadings" panel

see the image attached

how is this orientation calculated?

Is it a mean of all the tables orientations?

Is it a Maximum/Minimum?

Where do this values come from?

Thanks in advance


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As you mention, when tilting the base of a table its orientation changes. See our FAQ With sheds on a tilted roof, PVsyst changes my orientations

With the Helios3D scenes, PVsyst performs an average of all table orientations.

You can get detailed information about this distribution and the averages in the 3D editor, menu "View" / "Orientation analysis (Hekios3D)". You will have the list of all tables and their orientations, different distribution plots, and the average calculation.

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