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Importing ASCII Meteo Data - Update Tutorial/Help


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I was trying to manually import data from 1961.

While I could get this to work with the sample files, I could not with my own data, even though the input file was practically identical. After much difficulty, a pop-up came up and stated that PVsyst is only compatible with years 1980-2060. I found this to be very frustrating for two reasons:

1. This was not stated anywhere in the tutorial or help file.

2. As the data is manually, why should the year range matter? As long as there are a sufficient number of file entries, this should not be an issue.

Thank you.

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This limitation has to do with the internal representation of the dates in the program and cannot be easily changed. But it is noted, and this limitation might go away in one of the future releases.

Meanwhile, the only workaround is to change the year in the data file with search/replace to a value between 1980 and 2060.

I will include a clear remark on this in the online help.

Thank you for reporting the issue.

Bruno Wittmer

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