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Tracker pitch problem


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I am attempting to model a tracker system, but after creating the 3D scene, the program will not allow me to continue with running the model. In the near shadings definition window, it gives the following warning: "In the field "tracking field"pitch between trackers is too low! Please correct this in the shading scene." And the "Table" button is grayed out, so it can not be used. My tracker pitch is relatively tight, but I need to run a model as it is. I assume there is a hidden parameter which is causing this error, but I can't determine which one. Which hidden parameter should I change to avoid this error?
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The limit on the Ratio "Pitch / Tracker width" is indeed 1.05 (not in the hidden parameters - sorry)

This is a very low limit. Tracking systems with such low pitch don't make sense.

However this limit was established for backtracking, and should not be applied to "normal" tracking systems. This will be corrected in the next version 6.23.

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