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Chage to near shading for unlimted shed arrays


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According to the help, there was a change after v6.08 that corrected a problem with SAT shading. It appears to me that after v6.15 something has affected unlimited shed shading as well. I have run models before and after and the "near shadings: irradiance loss" has changed from -0.8% for a v6.15 model, and that same model shows "near shadings: irradiance loss" for v6.21 of -2.4%. The only other change I can find in the report is that the v6.15 report page one shows "Diffuse Measured" and the v6.21 report shows "Diffuse Imported". Not sure why that changed. Can you reply here and to my email address to let me know what changed and whether or not this is an error now? This is affecting our production modeling and has actually changed one project from being viable to being not economical, so I need your help with this urgently!
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The discrepancy is due to a bug that was introduced in V6.13 and corrected in V6.19.

The tilt for the calculation of the diffuse shadings was not correctly read from the file and lead to an error in the calculation.

This error happens only for calculations with unlimited sheds.

The results ov V6.21 are the correct ones.

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