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How to read the OND file


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You need to put the '.OND' file into your Workspace in the directory 'PVsyst6_Data\ComposPV\Inverters'.

Then from the main window you choose 'Databases -> Grid Inverter'

The inverter will show up in the list and you can have a look at it by clicking 'Open'.

Best regards,

Bruno Wittmer

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thank you for your answer, but actually my question was not well written.

I have a MAC and I cannot install PVsyst and I don't want to use any virtual machine, also because all I need is to know the main value of the inverter (MPPT, Power, etc...), in other word I want to check if the OND is the right one, before sending it to the customer.

I thought I could open it with a text editor, but it's not written in ascii.

I hope now it's more clear, thank you in advance


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