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Long calculation duration on PVsyst 6.19 with imported drawing from Helios


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When I conduct a simulation without any shading drawing, PVsyst 6.19 calculates the result in a short time without any problem even for very large projects. However for large projects with a drawing (imported from Helios) for Near Shading (100% Electrical) analysis, calculation takes a very long time.

I am aware that the table creation according to module strings from a large drawing takes a long time depending on the number of objects and the size of the plant. I would expect though, after I created the Shading table according to strings, actual simulation would not take too much time. At least this was the case in PVsyst 6.12. I am facing now a second long calculation period, even though the table is already created for shading analysis.

Is this a common problem on PVsyst 6.19? Or am I missing a point on the simulation interface, maybe I should uncheck or check something, which is different than 6.12?

I woud appreciate any feedback on this topic.

Best Regards,


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