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How to define a different Power Optimizer than SolarEdge

Alex Masolin

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Dear all,

I'd like to simulate a system comprising Power Optimizers (one every two modules) and Power-One string inverters. In total, one roof and 3 orientations.

I can see that only SolarEdge Power Optimizers are implemented (WHY?) and in "read-only" mode.

Unfortunately, my Power Optimizers are from another brand (i.e. Tigo). I don't see any reason why PVsyst can't simulate them as the architecture is the same for the SolarEdge case, but with different electrical parameters...

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance and regards,

Alex Masolin

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Each Power optimizer works on a different mode, so that it needs a specific development in PVsyst.

I have worked closely with Solaredge for elaborating the SolarEdge architecture.

I'm on the way just now to develop other power optimizers, with the help of their manufacturers.

The TIGO technology should be available soon (within 1-2 months).

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