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Several Orientations


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I've upgraded to Ver.6.19. In the "Orientation" window, I select "Several Orientations" and set two orientations. Both at 20deg tilt, but one at 90deg azimuth and the other at -90deg azimuth. In the "System" window, I select the "Orient" button, and chose "Orientation #1". After choosing a module, inverter, and string qnty, I go back to the "Orient" button and chose "Orientation #2". After choosing a module, inverter, and string qnty, the original "Orientation #1" details have been over-written. There seems to be a bug which will not allow the proper input of system information for several orientations. Please advise.
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In the top left corner of the System definition window, there is the field 'Global System configuration'. It is here that you select into how many groups you divide your installation (2 in your case).

This will create the corresponding number of tabs for the sub-arrays.

You then assign an orientation to each sub-array and do all the specific configurations for that group (modules, inverters, etc.)

Note that you can also have inverters sharing two orientations, by choosing 'Mixed #1 and #2' for the orientation of a sub-array.

I recommend you to give meaningful names to each sub-array (Default is Sub-array #1, Sub-array#2, etc., which is not always very talking). This will make the task of module layout easier.

In complex systems with many sub-arrays and several orientations, it is helpful to look at the button 'System summary', which will give an overview of the main parameters of each sub-array. This button can also be found in the dialog of the Near shadings and system layout.


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Hi, I need some advice on this multiple orientation simulation, not sure of the results of my simulation. I have a case with 3 orientations and 2 tilts, all "PV plane in sheds" and after the update version 6.23 the inverter losses have increased from 0.4 to 2.1 (a bit of a shock there) but I still have huge difference between PR averaged by month and the final report. I compared with multiple projects and there is no difference in PR bigger than 0.7 if I average from exported table. Now that might be fine because of the numbers rounding up, but in this project with different orientations I get 2.6% in difference. I need monthly PR's and I want to know if I can trust the exported monthly table.


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In version 6.22, there was an error in the simulation when you are using the "Mixed orientations" on a same inverter, which had the effect of diminishing the Inverter losses.

This error has been corrected in the version 6.23.

A loss of 0.4% only for the inverter efficiency is indeed not realistic.

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