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Cannot create new site meteo site


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I am not able to create a new meteo site. in Ver 6.19 I am using windows 7

From main window Databases>Geographical Sites>new.

The OK button is grayed out.

It asks me to import the monthly meteo data. I want to enter the data manually which I got from other sources.

Also, I seem to have lost all of the sites in USA (may be because I had some sites Which I entered myself in previous releases).

Is this a bug or just a user error?


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The OK button stays grey until you have entered full valid data for defining your site (i.e. at least valid Global horizontal and temperatures monthly values).

This prevent defining erroneous sites in the database.

Now you can define these values either by importing them, or by hand (you can also paste them from EXCEL). The dialog should tell you what is incorrect.

Now the sites for the US are stored partially under "USA" and partially under "United states" according to the country definition which have been made in each SIT file.

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