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PAN File Parameters


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Hello André and fellow PVsyst users,

I am currently looking into creating some custom PAN files based on test results. I would like to do so via the new module function in the database by pasting a set of data from Excel in CSV format. I have tried to identify the list of current parameters by pasting a current database entry out to Excel, but there were a few unidentified parameters (unused in those specific modules?). Is there a index of necessary parameters somewhere? Alternately, is there a better method to create PAN files?

In the tutorial it was stated that muVco is a driven parameter from the one-diode model, but also mentioned that manufacturers are able to input their Voc temperature coefficient regardless, and that could be used in the simulation via a toggle option in the Albedo-settings screen. Where could I find this manufacturer's muVco data entry in the above method? Thanks.

Best Regards,


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