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Correct Site in Simulation


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Hello. When I try to do a simulation (tools > measure data analysis ), and I load the corect project, when I click in "Site and Meteo" I see the correct Project Site. However, below at the "System Variant" section, in the "meas. data" dropdown, I only have a choice to select a .DAM file from Geneva, so I am not able to run the Simulation with the correct Site. How do I attach the correct Project Site into the "meas. data" drop down? Do I have to convert my Site.MET file into DAM? How do I do that properly so that I can use the correct .DAM file on the Simulation? Thanks and Regards, Al
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This is not the right place for performing PVsyst simulations.

You should use (on the main page) : "Project design" / "Grid connected".

Here you are in a special (advanced) tool for the analysis of data measured on a PV system.

DAM files are meteo files including additional measured data about your system (for example output energy).

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