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For inverters, I can't define a Power threshold as low as specified.

André Mermoud

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The Power threshold of most inverters is of the order of 1% or less of Pnom.

In the version 5, PVsyst fixes a limit at 0.5%. Many manufacturers contest this limit.

In the version 6, this limit is only required when PVsyst has to build an automatic efficiency profile from the Effmax and EffEURO parameters.

In irradiance terms, 0.5% of 1000 W/m2 corresponds to 5 W/m2. Now by very covered weather you have still an irradiance of about 30 to 50 W/m2! Therefore this 0.5% threshold is far below the lower irradiances you can observe in the reality !

And even if you would recover a little power below this threshold, it would represent a negligible amount of energy along the year.

In the final results of PVsyst (loss diagram), the loss below the threshold is referenced as "Inverter loss due to power threshold". This is usually 0.0% (i.e. less than 0.05%).

You can do the exercise of increasing the Power threshold of your inverter, to see when this loss becomes significant (attains 0.1 %) !

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