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PV Plane tilt is 20° but PVSyst says its 0°

PV Berlin

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i build up a shading scene in the 3D editor. Shed tilt is 20° for every table. When I close the 3D editor, a warnig appeares: The orientation of the collector plane for shadings doesen´t match the one defined in the Orientation parameters of the PV array (It was set to 20° before). PVsyst says, the Fields tilt in the Shadings is 0°. Why?

The button "Update Orientation Parameters" sets the Orientation/System to 0° tilt. That is wrong.

What can I do to fix the problem?

Best regards

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I think it is about the difference between orientation and tilt. 3D model did not set the oriention, ie. did not rotate the whole scene to match the orientation that has been set at previous page. So the warning message came out.
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