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Uploading Load Data


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I have had a quick look through the forum and could not find a topic like this:

PVsyst should have the function of allowing the user to upload 365 days worth of 15 min, 30 min or 60 min user load data via csv or txt file.

This would then result in PVsyst calculating the % of PV generated power used by the user versus PV generated power exported back to the grid.

Other software like Sunny Design or HOMER have this function and they are absolutely crucial for calculating ROI of a PV System when the electricity charge for purchased electricity is different to the credit one gets for exported electricity.


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When you select 'net metering' in the project dashboard, an additional button 'User's needs' will appear (see attached picture).

This button will lead you to to a dialog, where you can specify the load of the system.

The dialog proposes many different ways to define the load profile, and there is also the option 'Load values read on ASCII file', which allows you to import the data from a csv or text file.

See also the online help topic 'Project design -> User's needs' for a description of the available options.

Best regards,

Bruno Wittmer



Net metering switch

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