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Maximum Phi of Horizontal Tracking [PVsyst v. 5.72]


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Something went wrong with PVsyst the other day and, when I started PVsyst, I got an error message that indicated that a process was using the PVsyst.ini file. This message seamed to go away after a few attempts to start the program.

But now, when I run PVsyst simulations using a Tracking tilted or horiz. N-S axis racking system, the Maximum Phi keeps changing to another number from what I set it to. I set the limiting angles to +45/-45 degrees. But the Maximum Phi on the PVsyst report then reports the Maximum Phi to be 205749 degrees. Then I go back to the Orientation set up and the limiting angles are now +90/-45. So then I change the Phi max to +45 and rerun the simulation only to get the 205749 degrees in the report again.

Does anyone know what is going on here?

I've included some screenshots showing the situation.

Here are the initial settings in Orientation:




Here's the Maximum Phi in the report:




When I go back to Orientation, here are the updated settings that have changed:




Thank you for your help, time and attention!


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