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2 Orientations with 1 MPP tracker

Shy A

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I am simulating a system with East and West facades. Each facade has one string.

I ran 2 simulations: one with a single tracker inverter, and one with a dual tracker inverter (each string to its own MPPT).

The results are practically identical.

My question is, does the simulation account for the difference in MPP between the facades, and the inverter's "happy medium" MPP choice? If so, where in the losses diagram is this loss specified? Attached, the two diagrams from both simulations.

Thank you,



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The mismatch effect with strings in different orientations is indeed taken into account in the simulation with Heterogeneous fields "mixed orientation".

However the mix of 2 strings in 2 orientations will have different currents, but about the same voltage: this doesn't produce a significant mismatch loss.

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