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confusion in loss diagram


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In the loss diagram of PVsyst how they calculate the unused energy ? Is horizontal global orientation is fixed for a specific region?? Doses it depend upon azimuthal angle of that area? How to calculate the output of a pv module ??
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In stand-alone (or pumping) systems, the Unused energy is the energy which could be provided by the PV array, but which cannot be used because the battery is full.

I don't understand "Horizontal Global Orientation". This doesn't have any meaning.

The Global horizontal irradiance is determined by the meteo data of the location.

The orientation of the collectors is your choice. The irradiance in this plane is indeed dependent on the azimuth of your chosen plane orientation (through the "Transposition" model).

The output of a PV module is the EArrNom value "array virtual energy at MPP", calculated from the one-diode model.

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