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North-East facing plant (in Southern Hemisphere)


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Dear Andre,

I am doing a simulation for a utility scale solar plant in Queensland (Australia) and looking at the sensitivity to various parameters including orientation. The simulations I did gave me the following results:

- North facing = base case

- 10 deg West = -0.3% compared to base case

- 20 deg West = -1.1%

- 10 deg East = +0.3% compared to base case

- 20 deg East = -0.7% compared to base case

I was surprised that the difference was so minimal and more importantly, I can't understand why the production increases for the North-East scenario (10 deg East). All other inputs are exactly the same, I only rotated the scene. I checked the details of the losses and the key difference are the following:

Near shading:

North scenario 2.2%

East scenario 2.6%


North scenario 2.6%

East scenario 2%

shading string:

North scenario 0.4%

East scenario 0.2%

So in other words, rotating the plant slightly East seems to increase slightly the shading loss (here, I modeled a 2MW block, on fixed frame, 20 degree tilt) but reduces the IAM loss. Do you know wether such result should indeed be expected in "real life"? And why?

Thank you


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