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running old versions in pvsyst 6


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Hello, I would like to upgrade to the latest verion of PVsyst 6. However, I have previous models for clients that I would like to run in version 6.07. In version 6 will it work to install an older version over the current version, and then go back to the current version? Before installing an older version are there steps needed to uninstall?

Thanks very much,

Debbie Gross

Blue Oak Energy

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You can install a newer Version of PVsyst in parallel to an existing one. The insallation wizard will ask you, if you would like to keep the old version in parallel or if you want to remove it.

Generally it is good practice to do the parallel installation, and delete the older version when you are sure the new one is working properly.

If you want to go the other way round, installing an old version in parallel to a newer one, this works as well.

I warmly recommend you though, to make a strict separation of workspaces if you work regularly with two different versions of PVsyst. The projects and databases are always backward compatible, but once you have saved a project, a PV module specification, a 3D scene, etc. in a newer version, you will most probably be unable to open it again in the old version.

Bruno Wittmer

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does an download archive of older versions of pvsyst6 exist? I'm looking for 6.07, but also later ones.

Will the downloaded setup.exe of the "in-program-update-process" somewhere stored locally or will it deleted right after installation?

Thank you,


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Hello André and colleagues,

Should we assume that any complete project created in a newer version will not be readable in an older version? (for example a project created in 6.34 was not directly readable in 6.32, perhaps due to shade scene). Or are there specific innovations, not occurring in every new release, after which backward compatibility becomes an issue? If your team knows that a particular innovation is going to prevent backward compatibility, that would be a helpful note in the software development log. For example, that topic could end with: "note, this change prevents backward compatibility".



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I could imagine that this might be helpful in a case like this:

You are working in a international operating company and using the newest version of PVsyst 6 to create a projekt or to help a colleague out. Than you export the project and send it over to your colleague lets say in asia. But he isn't using the newest version, he will have truble to read the project.

Thats just a case, I could imagine.

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