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Cannot see any component from component database

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I am relatively new to the PVSyst forum, and my lastet version is 7.4. 
For uploading any component, PV module or Inverter or even battery, i cannot see any component in the dropdown menu. 
I am not sure if it is something that i did not complete during the installation or a bug. 
However in the PV module, i see two modules. 

Please let me know how to cope up with this problem, having to enter every component database is tedious as the datasheet from the manufacturer does not have all the info. that PV requires. 

Thank you! 

2024-06-13 15_09_45-Choosing X X.png

2024-06-13 15_09_25-PVsyst 7.4 - Ld Mode Lic.png

2024-06-13 15_09_05-PVsyst 7.4 - Ld Mode Lic.png

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Dear Gayatri Patil,

The content of the "Availability" box is unexpected in all your screen captures. May be your installation is corrupted. Please perform the following repair actions:


1.            Restart your computer

2.            Uninstall PVsyst, then download it again from our web site ( https://www.pvsyst.com/download-pvsyst/ ) and re-install it.

 If the problem persists then please email your PVsyst LOG files at:


Best regards.

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