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Inverter Power Reduction


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Hope everyone is having a good holiday season.

I currently have a project that has a 1.4MW AC interconnection and need to produce a PVsyst report for system designed to be 1.4mW. My issue is that we need to use utility interactive inverters due to some requirements/setting requested by the utility. Right now we are looking to use either an AE, KACO, Solectria, or Sun Grow inverter; utility scale (central). The issue is that most of the sizes offered by those manufacturers do not match to 1.4mW AC. I did call AE and they said they could program the inverters to have a lower power rating than 500kW. In this case I would ask them to program the inverters with (1) at 400kW and the other (2) left at 500kW. My question is how do I properly adjust the power reduction in PVsyst for any inverter, like the inverter that is going from 500kW to 400kW? Where at in PVsyst do I adjust this and what do I need to be aware of? Thank you!


Dominic Lopez

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For adjusting the maximum output of an inverter, you can simply modify the "Nominal AC Power" parameter in the definition of the device, and save it with under another filename, therefore creating a new device in your database.

In your case you will define 1 sub-array with 2 normal 500 kW inverters, and one sub-array with your new 400 kW.

Now since the version 6.11, under the button "Miscellaneous tools", you can limit the power of the whole system to a specified value. However the simulation will limit all Inverters identically, to a Pnom = 1400/3 kWax value.

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