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IAM bugs


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There are two IAM (Incidence Angle Modifier, part of detailed losses) bugs that have cropped up since V6 was released:

First, as has been mentioned on this forum before, ever since V6 was released you can no longer add points. To add detail to the behavior of this bug: it appears that you cannot EVER add additional points, even to add one back once you have deleted some points. This is a problem because some manufacturers (like SunPower, for example) have indicence angle modifier tables with many more than 9 data points.

Second, it appears that now the Incidence Angle Modifier data points cannot be modified in the "PV field detailed losses parameter" dialog box, "IAM Losses" tab. It appears that the only way the IAM losses data points can be modified is by inputting the points into the module PAN file and then selecting the "Uses definition of the PV module" check box back in the detailed losses section. Since module manufacturers have not yet started inputting the custom IAM data points into their PAN files, it is sometimes more convenient to add this data in the detailed losses section than by modifying the PAN file.

Are there plans to correct either of these two bugs in future releases?


Chuck Ladd

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