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Setup the Azimuth of PV System to 0° in Near Shading Simulation

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I'm planning to design a PV system that have an orientation to north (Azimuth 0°) but due too terrain that I used, the overall plane azimuth keep changing up to -20°. The problem with that is,

Firstly i'm not sure is -20° are the optimum azimuth for my system or not

Secondly, my report will be questionable because usually the optimum azimuth in my region (Indonesia) is around )°

Is there any way to set the plane azimuth to 0° even I'm using the un-flat terrain?


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Your PV fields follow a ground slope. This introduces baseslope angles of each PV fields. That means that the real tilt/azimuth angles are not the same as the nominal ones (the 0° that you have defined). You can use the orientation educational tool to better understand this concept:



So it is an expected behaviour that the real tilt/azimuth of the orientation is different from the nominal ones that you have defined.

The nominal azimuth of the individual PV tables is still 0° as seen on your screenshot.

However the azimuth of the orientation used in PVsyst is the real azimuth and not the nominal azimuth, because it is the real azimuth of the orientations that is used for the calculations.

PVsyst displays the real azimuth in the report because it is the one used in the calculation. There is currently no way to change that behavior.

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