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Ground Data Problem

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I have a problem with an imported CSV.file of my project into near shading scene. The land for the project is a flat land and I created the CSV.file for the terrain in PVCase where the land appeared flat and aligned with the trackers (as it appears in Picture 1). But when I imported the CSV.file into PVSyst, the appeared to be slopping (as it is seen in Picture 2). What could be the possible problem and how can I rectify the problem?



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From the screenshots you provided, both the original terrain data from PVCase and the imported data in PVSyst appear to be quite similar and show regular flat lines, which indicates that the terrain is flat in both cases.

However, I understand that you perceive a difference in the terrain's appearance between PVCase and PVSyst. To help us better understand and diagnose the issue, could you please provide more details on the following points:

  1. Are there any specific coordinates or points in the CSV file where you notice the discrepancy in the slope?
  2. Could you share the CSV file with us so we can inspect it directly?
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Thank you for providing the CSV file and additional information.

Upon reviewing the CSV file, I noticed that the Z-coordinates (the third column) indicate significant variations in the terrain elevation. For example, the initial lines show coordinates such as:

  • 407.704717532545 -518.458029091664 -3.60421894608029
  • 475.204717532545 -522.788156110586 -3.69413811294243

Further down the file, around line 285, I see:

  • 475.204717532545 568.403852657811 1.60586188705904

These coordinates indicate a height difference of approximately 5.2 meters (from -3.60 to 1.60), suggesting that the terrain is not flat. When sorting the data by the third column, the elevation ranges from a minimum of -5.04 to a maximum of 1.91 meters.

This explains why the terrain appears sloped in PVSyst and why the trackers seem to be hanging in the air at certain points. The variation in elevation points to an actual slope in the data, rather than an issue with the software.

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