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Bug using Unlimited Sheds


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I upgraded to 6.14 and now when I try to simulate a system using Unlimited Sheds I get terrible results. I have found the error "The area defined for the sheds bases is not sufficient." As you will see in the attachment, there is sufficient space defined. The outputs I get appear to be calculated at a very small pitch because the performance ratio is 1.4%. Please fix ASAP.




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I tried to reproduce your problem and here is what I found:

1. The message about the insufficient area is indeed unnecessary if you have not defined a near shading scene, we will remove it.

2. About the performance ratio: There is a bug in Version 6.14 that causes an erroneous display of the simulation main results in the main results dialog. Please check what the report is stating as results, this should be the correct values. If you see also weird figures in the report, please send me your project ( Bruno.Wittmer@pvsyst.com ) so I can have a look at it, the test I did showed PR 54% in the result dialog, but 81% in the report, which is fine. This bug is fixed in Version 6.15, to be released today.

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