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Inverter maximum input voltage mismatch with array Voc

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In the "Setting" dialogue, I have the following notification: "the array Voc at -10° is greater than....." (please the the attached screen 1). I reduced "Lower temperature for absolute voltage limit" in the ""Project setting" dialogue, but the problem hah not been solved. I also tried to reduce number of modules, but I had to reduce several times the modules quantity the problem to be solve which is not correct, because capacity of plant is 150 kW and both inverter total capacity is also 150 kW. 

Can you please tell what kind of mistake I make? 

Attached is inverter and module technical specifications (See screen 2, 3 and 4).







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Dear Irakli,

First of all, don't modify OND file and PAN file.

Your problem is divided in two categories:

1. How to size a PV system with MPPT definition 

2. Limits and conditions for sizing a PV system


When defining your project, be careful to deactivate the 'MPPT feature' checkbox if you don't plan to configure it. This doesn't mean the software won't calculate based on the maximum power of the PV array.


The message 'The array Voc at -10°C is greater than the inverter's absolute maximum input voltage' indicates a major condition that must be respected when defining the PV system. You need to know that the PV array voltage changes with temperature, and if the voltage exceeds the inverter's maximum input voltage on a cold day, it could damage the inverters.

You can read more on this help page:  https://www.pvsyst.com/help/systemgrid_vocond.htm



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