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How correctly to assign different orientations in system

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I imported PVC file from PVdesign successfully.  In the "Near shading 3D scene" followed the following fields: "Shading field construction"-"Tools"-"Orientations Management", identified orientations (Result is attached, see file "Screenshot 1") and I received 4 different orientations. "Near shading 3D scene" page shows the following notification - "Orientation #1:"The area of the 3D field is lower than ......" (screen in attached, see file "Screenshot 2). Project first page screen is attached which shows mismatch between "System " and "Near Shading" (See attached file "Screenshot 3").

Can you please tell how to proceed? In forum page is written "After creating the orientations in the 3D scene (8 at most), you will have to harmonize them with those defined in the system and assign the subfields to these orientations", this may be the way but I can not find out how the subfields should be assigned to these orientation? 







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On your last screenshot you need to click on the "System" button. There you need to define 4 subarrays (one for each orientation) and each subarray should have the same number of modules and area than the corresponding orientation in the 3D scene. Then the error should go away.

However, you should first determine if 4 orientations is the correct choice for your project. By looking at your first screenshot I see that your orientations are more or less similar. Are the different orientations only due to the slope of the ground or do you really have specific zones where all tables share the same orientation?

If the different orientations are due to the slope of the ground then it would be better to have 1 orientation only (as long as all tables are on the same side of the hill) because with multiple orientations the tables belonging to the same orientation would not always be close to each other so they would not be connected to the same physical inverter and the simulation would be less realistic. To get 1 orientation only you need to increase the tolerance in your first screenshot and then click on the "Identify orientations" button.

I hope this helps.

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