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How to simplify 3D model for PVSYST


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Hello, I am trying to simulate a PV array that has various orientations of panels which are parallel to a curvy surface. Since PVSYST supports up to 8 orientations, I have to split the array into multiple subsections for simulation separately, even with orientation management tool applied to force the panel orientations.

In this case I have trouble including the battery storage for the whole array into simulation. I wonder what the best way would be to simplify a 3D model for PVSYST simulation. Would it be more accurate to planarize the base surface, or increase orientation tolerance in the management tool? What is the max tolerance that you would recommend for orientations to avoid huge inaccuracy?


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Hello. Increasing the tolerance works great if you want to end up with 1 orientation only. That would give much better results than planarize the base surface. It is usually the recommended approach if your panels are on an uneven slope and they are all on the same side of the hill.

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Increasing the orientation tolerance in the management tool can help simplify the model by reducing the number of orientations you need to define. However, this comes at the cost of accuracy. The maximum tolerance recommended to avoid significant inaccuracies is typically around 0.5° for discriminating orientation differences between shading planes, and 1.0° for the maximum orientation difference when defining an average orientation.

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