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Wind Stow Losses

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Wind Stow strategy

The wind stow strategy aims us a technique to protect solar panels from damage during high wind events. Wind can cause significant damage to solar panels by creating life forces and twisting moments, resulting in panel breakage, bending or detachment from their mounts.

The wind stow strategy involves placing the solar panels n a stowed position before the arrival of  a high wind event. This means tilting the panels at an angle that minimizes their wind profile, so that they are less susceptible to wind-induced forces. The ideal angle of the panels will depend on the specific mounting system used.

For the moment, this strategy is only available when meteo files with hourly wind speed data are used, and for tilted axis trackers and horizontal axis N-S trackers.

When the option is activated, the default wind speed threshold that activates the stowing strategy is 12m/s and thse stow position is 0°. User's can also define these values as desired.



Is any calculation of energy losses due to stow made in PVsyst?
If so, is the wind direction taken into account to position the tracker at + or - 60º for example?

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